Partner Benefits

How important are high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service to you?

Because we only work with a limited number of clients, our clients can expect both exceptional service and workmanship.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our current clientele has come to expect nothing less from our experienced cleaning technicians.

You – our client - are the lifeblood of our business success. We realized that from the first day that Greener Vision opened it’s doors for business, and we continue to make that our number one priority.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you’ll benefit from partnering with us:

No nasty chemicals to pollute your home

Why sacrifice your living environment when you don’t have to? From the moment we step onto your property to the time we leave, your garden, pets, family or employees all stay healthy because we come fully-equipped with environmentally friendly products. No nasty chemicals means no toxic residues in your home, next to your skin or released into our waterways.

More time to do the things you love

Spending the weekend on cleaning your windows? You could be doing other things with your time, better things. We can definitely help you to free up some more time by cleaning your windows! Plus, detailed cleaning of all windows inside and out means that your windows will stay cleaner for longer!

We’re insured for your peace of mind

It is extremely important that anyone you hire to work at your home has sufficient liability insurance to protect you and your property. For your protection, we’re insured up to $5 million in liability. We recognize that accidents can happen, and having proper insurance is just one of the ways we provide you with peace of mind.

The most affordable home improvement

Treat yourself to a new view, rays of sunshine and sparkling windows. Professional window cleaning is one of the most affordable ways to give your home a face-lift. If you are looking to sell your home, window cleaning is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment (Money Magazine, June 2003). Brighten your home to gain more prospective buyers!

First impressions last

Whether it be your home or place of business, a family member or customers first view of your establishment is through your windows. Look at your windows. What do they see? We all know that first impressions are crucial! Windows properly cleaned put the finishing touch on your establishment. Let us help you to make that good first impression, because good first impressions last.

Risk free guarantee

We do our absolute best to under-promise and over-deliver and will not accept payment from you until you are completely satisfied with our work.

As our customer, you will experience superior workmanship, friendly service and a healthier environment using professional and 100% bio-degradable cleaning products.

Greener Vision is Mudgee’s finest service to eliminate your dirty windows risk and hassle free.